Capture, Follow Up and Get Instant Results

Have your message reach your customers no matter where they are. Text marketing allows you to speak to your customers in a one on one manner that is unmatched by any other form of advertising. Deliver your short, direct and highly targeted message with no filler and watch your customers respond instantly.

Separate Yourself From Your Competition

Text Message Marketing is a permission-based approach to sharing news, updates, coupons and special offers with pre-qualified customers. Create brand awareness, favorability, and purchase intent for your business through SMS Text.

Reach Your Mobile Shoppers

Incentive + Shoppers = Pre Qualified Customers
It’s simple. Put up a prize incentive and build an instant mobile list of pre-qualified shoppers interested in your
products and services.

Capture Your Mobile Customers

Mobile Coupons + Customers = Pre Qualified Customers
Saves you time. Contact your pre-qualified customers daily, weekly or monthly, and get them into your business with Mobile Coupons through SMS Text.

Instant Follow Up

Brand Awareness + Buyers = Pre Qualified Customers
Get Results. Continue to build your brand with your pre-qualified buyers, while broadcasting your products and services to new shoppers.